"Pleasant words are a honeycomb,
sweet to the soul
and healing to the bones."

Proverbs 16:24


I want to share my thoughts and so much more with you here,
maybe a few miracles, some recipes, my musings, and a touch
of humor.

I hope you will think it is the "BEES NEES"!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


This word was given to me years ago while I was spending time with the Lord.  it was a letter for one of my sons - since God wants to bring many sons unto glory (daughters too), I thought with Father's Day coming up this weekend, it would be appropriate to post. You may want to share it with others who might need the comfort found in it. 

By the way, I have just  opened two blogs. Please stop by and get acquainted with my other one!  Blessings,   JoAnn





Dear Child,

No one born of his Father would choose to be illegitimate or give up his inheritance - not knowingly. Yet, my child, through discouragement and unbelief you have even questioned that you were my child - questioned my love for you. Have you forgotten how valuable you are to me? Have you forgotten I chose you before you knew me? Have your weaknesses and faults become so magnified in you that you no longer believe that I have forgiven you? I know you. I love you. I long to fellowship with you. Like a father who is tucked away in an "Old Folks' Home" with many children who don't visit him ­ that's how I feel when you stay away day after day.

I'm writing this letter to you because I long to see you face to face. Nothing could give me greater joy than to hear your voice call my name. I have things I want to share with you if you have time to listen. I might just have some wisdom that would help you with your difficulties.
The one seeking to keep us apart has lied to you and told you that I'm angry with you and that I don't want to see you anymore. Believe me, that is not true. Nothing can separate you from my love. Remember how I paid off all your debts so you could be released from prison? Don't let anyone fool you into thinking that you still owe him - trying to put you back behind bars.

Another lie you've been told is that I am ashamed of you - my own child. That too is a lie to separate us. I am not ashamed of you. My own life and blood flow through you. You were created in my image. You need never be ashamed that you are mine.

There is one more thing I want to say before I close. I will always, always love you. I will not turn my face away from you nor will I give your inheritance to another. I'm listening now for the sound of your voice - even a whisper in your heart for me, your Father. Come quickly to meet me. I will run to you my child.



Given by inspiration of the Holy Spirit to:

JoAnn Parrott January 22, 1998

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